Government Furniture Installation Service

If you’re needing furniture installation for the US government office, MDC Assembly is a certified company for the Federal, State, and local governments. They’ve years of experience managing government contracts and provide prompt, professional service. A separate project manager oversees each project and supervises a group of installation technicians.

Government furniture installation service

If you’re buying Government furniture installation service, you’ve arrived at the best place. MDC Assembly specializes in implementing government contracts, and they’ve worked with local, state, and federal government agencies for years. This means you can rely on them for prompt, professional installation and assembly. Each project is overseen with a dedicated project manager and a staff of experienced installation technicians.

Whether you’re adding new office furniture or moving your existing office space, a government furniture installation service can help. Applying this service could make the method easier and more affordable. If you’re dealing with a budget and a timeline, you can benefit from a cover purchase agreement, which promotes savings, and professional project management.

We are proud to service US Government agencies

Many of us have experience with dealing with the government. We’ve an interest for applying our work to the general public good. Government agencies hire individuals from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds. These employees are focused on improving the services that individuals in the united states rely on. The us government is a good place to work if you’re looking to boost services that affect an incredible number of people.