The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Frenchie Puppy

Dealing with the responsibility of raising a Frenchie puppy is a huge commitment. Although they’re known to be a very adaptable breed, you will need to dedicate plenty of time and attention to their care. However, it is also very important to keep in mind they are very social and need plenty of interaction. This makes them great pets for families with children or those that love dogs. However, you should not forget to dedicate time and energy to their training, too.

Frenchies need regular exercise. During the warmer months, they must be taken for brief walks. They need to also be removed on a regular basis through the nighttime, as well. This keeps their joints healthy. They need to also be bathed at least 5-6 times a year.

Frenchies have short snouts and are prone to overheating. Should they get overexerted, they may also be prone to spine and joint problems. If your Frenchie suffers from these conditions, you should consult your vet to find out the very best treatment. It’s also advisable to be sure that you provide them with lots of exercise through the colder months.

Frenchies certainly are a very social breed and are prone to separation anxiety, which can be brought on by the dog owner leaving the house. However, if you’re not away for long amounts of time, you need to be able to prevent this condition. It’s also advisable to be sure that you give your dog lots of space through the day. This really is especially important for puppies.

Frenchies need to be brushed on a regular basis. Brushing their coat helps to eliminate loose hair and keeps it shiny. In addition they must have their nails trimmed on a regular basis. Depending in your dog’s cleanliness, it’s also possible to need certainly to bathe them.

Frenchies may also be prone to overheating, so you need to be careful never to leave them unattended for long periods of time. It’s also advisable to be sure that you do not feed them from your hand. This will lead them to develop a picky habit.

Frenchies need plenty of exercise, but not as much. It is preferred that you provide them with a half hour walk every day. It is very important that you do not overexert them through the hotter months. When you have children, you should watch them closely when they’re across the dog. They are also great dogs to play with.

A Frenchie can also be a good emotional support dog. They are not so aggressive and only bark when provoked. However, if you’re considering getting a Frenchie for this purpose, you may want to take into account a different breed. They can also be trained to become service dogs.

Frenchies may also be prone to obesity, that may cause joint issues. They must be kept at a healthier weight. You can even consider adding a pet or another dog to your household to help them maintain their weight.

Frenchies may also be prone to brachycephalic airway syndrome, which is really a condition that includes a piercing soft palate and narrow trachea. You should be careful to help keep your dog from getting this condition, as it can be quite painful for them while they get older. You may even need to take into account surgery when you have a Frenchie with this particular condition.


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